c   a   n   a   d   a       l   a   n   d   m   a   r   k   s

Canada is one of the top ten destinations favoured by international travellers - with cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax it is easy to see why. Desired mainly for the breathtaking scenery and the famous hospitality of Canadians, Canada has more to offer than you would imagine.
Landmarks are not the first thing to spring to mind when you think of Canada, however Canada has some very impressive buildings, monuments and towers. Each major city in Canada can lay claim to at least one landmark, from the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary to the Canadian National Tower in Toronto. Across Canada in cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, and Halifax landmarks range from the locally-known to the widely-reknowned. This guide provides information on some of Canada's best known tourist attractions: CN Tower -- Canada Olympic Park -- West Edmonton Mall -- Vancouver Aquarium -- Montréal Olympic Stadium -- Skylon Tower -- Pier 21 -- H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

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